Testimonials from students




Dear Commander C.V.Prakash,

Greetings for the day.

Trust you are doing fine.

At the outset let me thank you for the wonderful session that you conducted in Mumbai on 16th of March 2019. A day well spent with you understanding nature, plants and farming. 

I am amazed to see and witness the knowledge you possess, the depth you carry and passion that you exhibit in this space.

I truly enjoyed the session primarily because you made it so easy for a novice like me. The fundamental concepts were very well explained in the most simplified manner.

You have made the topic so interesting that I can’t wait to start my project at home and implement the learnings I received.

Look forward to keep connecting with you for your guidance and will be happy to recommend your session to my circle of friends and family.

Yours Sincerely

Sushil Modi



I attended CV's 1-day hydroponics workshop in Mumbai and found it to be an extremely valuable experience. A lot of information was delivered in one day but CV has a great ability to teach in an engaging and effective manner.

The fundamentals of soil-less cultivation was explained as well as the commercial aspects of starting a hydroponic farming business, making it a worthwhile workshop regardless of what stage you are at with your journey into hydroponics.

Plenty of literature was provided at the end of the workshop ensuring that my education into hydroponic farming would continue.

CV was also very generous with his time and willingness to answer any questions I had during and after the workshop. He was very approachable and open to sharing his expertise and experience working as a consultant with hydroponic farming projects all over the world.

It is very clear that he takes his role as an educator very seriously and is willing to help all of his students through correspondence via e-mail or WhatsApp.

I feel very grateful to have attended CV's hydroponic workshop and I would, without hesitation recommend it to anybody else looking to explore the world of hydroponics".

Kush Kumar

Business Development Manager - Food Tech - C2 Capital


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Hydroyatra 2019 just completed its 6th leg at Mumbai on 16th March 2019