Hydroyatra 2019- Pan India One day Simplified Hydroponics Workshops

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Hydroyatra 2019 is an initiative of Aggragannya Skills , the best skill building company in the field of Hydroponics in India. Led by its Founder, Lead Trainer, Farmer and CEO Lt Cdr CV Prakash (retd) IN, pioneer in this field in India. The idea of the Hydroyatra 2019 is to take its one day Simplified Hydroponics Workshops to nearly 14 cities in India during 2019 and conducting nearly 42 workshops. The idea is to lower costs for students who otherwise need to come all the way to our facility to learn the subject. The aim of our one day workshops is to clear cobwebs, bust myths and bring perspective to a new entrant into the realms of Hydroponics. We endeavour to teach the real hard part of the science rather than the rosy side since the rosy side has been explained well on the internet. 


Dear CV Sir, attending your One day workshop on 01 Dec 2018 was truly an eye opener for me. Before I arrived I had a lot of concepts, beliefs, myths about Hydroponics. I had tried doing Hydroponic growing at home and used knowledge that I got from the internet, reading books and through other hobbyists practising the science. Your 9 hour lecture along with the practicals that followed simply blew all my previous understanding out of the window. I had previously attended some other workshops on Hydroponics but I realised that most of these people teaching Hydroponics are hobbyists themselves or are into selling equipment or dreams on excel sheets. It was such a delight learning from you who are the pioneer in hydroponics in India and have almost two decades of experience as a grower, trainer and consultant in this field. Your value proposition that a student only pays once for attending your workshop and allowed to attend any number of workshops free for life anywhere in India truly shows your commitment and purpose that others must learn and learn really well. Once again my pranaams to a wonderful Guru. Best Regards, Anmol Jain

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Lucky Draw

Two students will get a refund of 50 percent of their workshop fees at each of our Hydroyatra 2019 workshops during the lucky draw. 

Volunteers needed in many cities to organise and support our Hydroyatra 2019

We are keenly looking for volunteers in different cities in India to help us with local support to make the workshops a grand success. Such volunteers will find us training two people from your city at zero fees. 

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