Looking for a Consultant for Commercial Hydroponics

With 19 years of experience in the Hydroponics industry both in Australia and in India we can help you with turnkey consulting services from idea to reality. Some of our consultancy deliverables are listed here but not limited to just them. 

Turnkey Consultancy Deliverables

Compiled by Lt Cdr CV Prakash (retd)

International Consultant -Hydroponics

Location, Siting & Layout of Greenhouse Systems

Greenhouse Structures

 Environmental Management of Greenhouse

Water Quality, EC & pH

Basic Hydroponic Systems & Components

Crop Varieties

Seed selection

Media Types & Characteristics

Plant Structure, Nutrition & Nutrient Management

Common Greenhouse Pests & Diseases & IPM

 Quality Assurance, OH&S, I.T. & Production Plan

Light and PAR adjustments in Greenhouses

Irrigation, Growing media Management

Plant Management, physical and cultural requirements

CO2 enrichment of greenhouses

Practical EC & pH Measurements in Crops

Implement a Hydroponic Maintenance Program

Implement a Plant Establishment Program

Implement a Pest & Disease Control Program

Implement an IPM Program

New Greenhouse Investment & Technology Considerations

Implement a Plant Monitoring Program

Introduction to Plant Physiology, Monitoring and Management

Nutrient Uptake Influences

Seedling Propagation Management

Acid & Chlorine Sterilisation Worksheet

Dripper timing Calculations

Greenhouse Management Program

Greenhouse Crop Protection Principles

Greenhouse Climate Management

Greenhouse Environment Management

Identifying Plant & Fruit Problems

Influence of Greenhouse Temperature

Initial Greenhouse Crop Targets

Maximising Greenhouse Efficiency & Energy Conservation

Nutrient Deficiency Chart

Plant Photosynthesis & Temperature Relationships

Plant Transpiration Principles

Plant Vigour & Balance Chart

Spray System for Greenhouse Crops

Treatment Spray Chart for Greenhouse Crops

Nutrient Feed Solutions for Greenhouse Vegetables

Irrigation in Protected Cropping & Soilless Culture

Greenhouse Ventilation Techniques

Managing Plant Balance

Radiation Transmission through Greenhouse Claddings

Maintenance Program for Closed Hydroponic Systems

Operating Pressurised Irrigation Systems

Production Scheduling

Greenhouse Admin and Reporting Systems

Packing methodologies

Grading and Sorting Methods

Setting up of Farm management review plan

Auditing of Farm Operations on regular basis

Setting up an Organogram- defining roles and responsibilities

Happy to Help

Commercial Hydroponics FAQ's

Hydroponics/Soilless Cultivation is a precision science and is not as simple as seen on the youtube or other portals on the internet. They mostly show the rosy side of things. One must understand that more than all the equipment, sensors,IOT/ML/AI and other bells and whistles what is paramount for success is horticultural skill which comes from years of practice. This FAQ is meant to clear some of the cobwebs and bust myths that surround this technology. Is a must read for those contemplating a straight jump into this field. You are pre-warned by this document. Click here to download the FAQ